Plants VS Zombies Survival: Endless 100 Flags Setup


I’ve been playing Plants VS Zombies for some weeks now. Quite addicted to it. After had consecutively finished the Adventure mode 3 times, I got bored. So I tried the Survival: Endless. After dozens of refresh and setups (yes, I’m such a lame gamer, LOL), I finally made it through 100 flags. Turns out the most important thing in surviving Endless Survival isn’t only the setup alone, but also WHERE and WHEN you deploy the Cob Cannons.

First thing first: building the setup.
1st row is the very left of your screen, 2nd is the next right to it, and so on.

Step 1: 4 Sunflowers + 1 Cattail + Garden Rake

This is the most crucial step in the whole survival plan. You need Garden Rake purchased from Crazy Dave’s. So make sure it’s available before start playing.

At the first seconds, plant 4 Sunflowers ASAP. Ignore the first zombie, Garden Rake will take care of him. Then the second zombie is coming, rite when you don’t have weapon. Hang in there, keep ignoring him till you have 250 sunlights. Use them to plant Lily Pad and Cattail on 5th row of the pool.

Here’s the setup:


Step 2: Lotsa Sunflowers + 1 more Cattail + Pumpkins + Kernel-Pults

Here’s the trick: plant Sunflower every time you can. So keep the sunlights 50 in stock. When there are more and you can’t plant another Sunflower (as the reload isn’t done), plant respectively another Cattail, Pumpkins and Kernel-Pults. Remember: Keep planting Sunflowers!

Here’s the setup:

Step 3: Twin Sunflowers on Pool

Now you need to plant a row of Twin Sunflower on the pool rite in front of the Cattails. And keep planting Sunflowers on the left rows.

Here’s the setup:

Step 4: Gloom-Shrooms on Pool

It’s time to plant 3 rows of Gloom-Shroom on the remaining spots of the pool. And keep planting Sunflowers on the left rows. Yes, including the ones on the pool.
Mind you that Gloom-Shroom is expensive, so make sure you plant Lily Pad and Pumpkin before putting the Fume-Shroom inside.

Here’s the setup:

Step 5: 2 Twin Sunflowers + Winter Melons + Cob Cannons

You have a strong front line defense now, so ignore the zombies. Time for heavy weapons! Plant 2 Winter Melons on 1st row, plus 2 more Twin Sunflowers on 4th row.

Since you should now have many Sunlights, plant the Cob Cannons. Start with the ones on the pool.
At this stage you’re gonna be so busy catching the sunlights while planting and upgrading. Mind you that economy is crucial here, so prioritize the sunlight catching.

Here’s the setup:

Step 6: Gloom-Shrooms on 1st Row + Winter Melons on 3rd Row

At this stage you should now meet the Digger Zombie. So plant Gloom-Shrooms on 1st row and Winter Melons on 3rd row.

Oh, have you finished planting Cob Cannons on the pool? Well, keep planting!

Mind you that the Pumpkins hold a strong back line defense. So plant them as well to protect your Gloom-Shrooms and Winter Melons.

Here’s the setup:

Step 7: Spikerocks

You should now come to a stage where almost all Sunflowers are replaced with heavy weapons. Gargantuars are coming, too. Time to complete the front line defense. Plant Spikerocks ASAP.

Here’s the setup:

Step 8: Cob Cannons on Front Line

Okay, pool is safe. Plant the Umbrella Leaf on 2nd row to keep the back line safe. Now let’s return to the front line. Artilleries time!

Remove the Sunflowers on 5th row and Pumpkins on 6th row to create spaces for the Cob Cannons. By the time Gargantuar is coming your final setup should have been finished.

Final Setup


Yesterday (when I made it through 100 Flags), the final setup was done at 7 Flags. Today it was done at 8 Flags. I guess it’s because my focus was splitted between playing the game and capturing the screen. So if you’re focused enough, you might complete your final setup even earlier.

Okay, second thing now: Where and when to deploy the Cob Cannons. Basically I have only 4 spots:

With NO Dancing Zombies coming, deploy Cob Cannons on spots as seen on this image:
Plants-VS-Zombies-shoot-01 Plants-VS-Zombies-shoot-02

With Dancing Zombies coming, deploy Cob Cannons on spots as seen on this image:
Plants-VS-Zombies-shoot-03 Plants-VS-Zombies-shoot-04

And that’s it.

Mind you that this setup provides you 8 Cob Cannons for both sides (upper and below) of the pool. It means you have 4 strikes before the next reload. After 40 Flags the zombies are sliding in like hell, so 4 strikes won’t do enough. You’ll need Cherry Bomb and other additional weapons.

Recommended weapons to bring:

If you have to repair your crumbling defense, the weapon slots might be filled with required plants. Even so, I strongly suggest you to keep bringing Cherry Bomb, Pumpkin and Squash. They’re cheap and fast reloaded.

Good luck.

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105 thoughts on “Plants VS Zombies Survival: Endless 100 Flags Setup

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  2. This game tricky…. mindbogglingly intense… it hurts my brain

    Hahahah… but surely one of the most addictive games i played 😉

    Nice Blog…sista


    Still struggling with my abandoned blog

    • Kyaaa… The Lord Himself comes to my humble lair. #sungkem

      Yeah it’s addictive indeed. I hope someday I can publish another article like this… after getting thru 500 flags. LOL.

      Thanks, Kak Odhiex. Ayo ngeblog! Hahaha…

  3. 100 ?!! outrageous!

    cuma sampe 25an trus eneg bukan kepalang liat parade gargantuar dan geng mobil tukang es berjubel… wah, buat first defend cuma pake kernel-pult sama cattails cukup ya? huhuhu, ga perlu punya watermelon buru2 ternyata…..

    sip! ganti taktik jendral! :))

    • Watermelon mahal, Bos. Cuma bisa nanganin 1 lane. Dan baru efektif kalo udah di-upgrade ke Winter Watermelon, yang juga mahal dan tetep terbatas di 1 lane.

      Cattail bisa atasi semua lane. Jadi cintailah Cattail, hyakhyakhyak…

      Geng mobil tukang es (LOL!) itu bisa diatasi dengan mengimitasi Jalapeno, Cherry Bomb, atau Pumpkin.

      • ciamik! terlalu meremehkan cattail saya, :p

        abis terlalu random sih serangannya, tapi ternyata 4 aja cukup buat awal2. love your idea bikin gloom shroom sampai ujung kolam, brilliant! soalnya biasanya gue pake Kentang Super berlapis Pumpkin buat jadi “pagar ayu” (hate those zombies with jumpin’ dolphin!), which i did’nt see u use any.

        (ask!) sunflowernya ga perlu diupgrade jadi twin bu?

        • Kentang super… LOL. Istilah lo lucu2.

          Tall-Nut itu keren di awal, begitu ketemu dolphin zombie ya pekok, hihihi… Gloom-Shroom menyerang zombie yang masuk kolam maupun lane terdekat kolam.

          Yg blom gue coba adalah menukar posisi Cattail dg Twin Sunflower di depannya. Karena yg diserang dolphin zombie cuma 2 baris: row ke-7 (yg ada Twin Sunflower itu) dan ke-8. Mau coba setup itu ntar kalo sempet maen lagi. Saat ini gue sedang nyoba setup baru yg lebih gila: tanpa Cob Cannon, kekekekekkk…

          Upgrade ke Twin Sunflower? Well, intinya sih final setup. Jadi yg di-upgrade cukup 4 Sunflower yg ada di final setup itu. Upgrade itu makin lama makin mahal lho, kalo gak bener2 perlu gak usah. Toh semua Sunflower (kecuali 4) diganti dg senjata laen. Tanpa upgrade semua pun, gue bisa mencapai final setup di flag ke-8. Di flag 20-an tabungan sunlight gue udah mentok lho. 9990. Sampe tergoda buka rekening baru. *hayah*

  4. wohohohoho.. ternyata kamu adalah Plants-Versus-Zombie-Freeks juga! tips nya ntar aku cobain ah.. tapi aku pengen jadi zombie nya. me loves zombie. they’re adorable. :))

  5. I survived for 200 flags without cob cannons.

    My best setup:No Cob Cannon,10 Gloom-Shrooms,4 Winter Melons,16 Gatling Peas,10 Cattails,8 Spikerocks,4 Torchwoods and 2 Twin Sunflowers.

    All should be protect by pumpkins.

    Always bring along Jalapeno,Cherry Bomb and Squash and always use imitater pumpkin to survive till level 200.

    • OMG you’re awesome!
      Actually that has been my setup too. I’ve been trying a new setup without Cob Cannon, but no time to keep playing until the next two months. It’s been too hectic at work. *sighs*

      Yeah I never leave out Squash, Jalapeno and Cherry Bomb. They’re the Holy Trinity of Zombie Fighter, LOL!

    • liar
      you can’t survive with that setup
      you can’t have 44 plants in your
      you can’t use cherry bombs without sunflowers

  6. bagus juga formasinya, ini lagi dicoba, tapi ada bungee zombie ngambil 1 flower di row 4
    masalahnya si pemain bola ituh selalu makan cob-ku…

    • Hai, avvie.

      Untuk lindungi row 4 dari bungee zombie, alternatifnya:
      1. Ganti Winter Melon di row 4 dg Umbrella Leaf, tp konsekuensinya ntar pas Gargantuar mulai banyak, lo bisa kewalahan karena kekurangan weapon.
      2. Tembak dg Jalapeno atau Cherry Bomb tiap kali bungee zombie turun; ini cara paling gampang IMO.
      3. Tanem Ice Shroom tiap kali bungee zombie turun; ini butuh gerakan jari kilat, tapi bukan mustahil, jadi terus aja latihan.

      Untuk lindungi Cob Cannon dari football zombie dan zombie2 laen… Um, setup ini bertujuan ngancurin zombie itu dengan Cob Cannon. Jadi harusnya mereka udah mati sebelom nyampe barisan Spike Rock. Kalo Cob Cannon udah abis sebelom reload, gunakan bom2 tambahan yang dibawa. Just… survive. 😉

  7. thanks for this tips.. i only got 68 flags though.. but still way better than my strategy..

    with my own technique, i only got 27 flags..thanks!
    aa :]*

    • Way to go, Zara! *thumbs up*

      Glad you made it to 68 flags. Keep playing, once you get the grip on the exactly right timing to deploy the cannon cobs, you’ll do much better.

      Good luck! XD

  8. aku seneng sama winter melon sama snow pea soal nya bisa dinginin zombie jalan sama gatling pea nembaknya 4 pea itu tanaman upgrade oya sama yg itu lo golden magnet kata temenku itu untuk menarik uang di upgrade sama magnet shroom

    • Gue biasanya juga nanem Gold Magnet sih. Tapi setelah tajir, gak butuh nambah duit lagi, ya udah sih, gue ganti aja dengan yang lebih berguna. 😀

      Winter Melon itu fungsinya sama kaya Snow Pea, jadi kalo dua2nya ditanem, menurut gue rada redundan ya. Mending Winter Melon aja, memperlambat sekaligus damage lebih gede.

  9. aku pas main level 2-10 itu seru pas itu kan aku kasi hypno-shroom pas itu football zombie nya dihipnotis ada zombie lewat dimakan de sama football zombie terus kalo tanaman level 1 itu aku suka repeater
    kalo level 2 aku suka doom-shroom tapi harganya mahal 125 matahari kalo level 3 aku suka itu lo yang lehernya ada tiga yaitu threepeater kalo level 4 aku suka starfruit kalo level 5 aku suka melon-pult / water melon kalo tanaman upgrade aku suka nya winter melon soalnya apik sara gak karo-karoan

  10. Heyy, if it isn’t work that means that is you don’t have the skill to survive. It works for everyone here, so the strange one is you

  11. Hello, and thanks for posting this.

    I had made it to 37 flags, and thought that was pretty good, but it had simply never occurred to me to use gloom shrooms. Those things are killers. I’m trying a new set-up where I rely more on the shrooms. It may need tweaking a bit, but it looks like this:


    Where G=gloom shroom, U=umbrella, W=Winter Melon, S=Spikerock, CC=Cob cannon, T=Cat tail, and F=Sunflower

    This way all the rows are under attack from gloom shrooms, and there’s less need for Cob Cannons (which is good, because you’ve only got 4). The zombies in the outer rows make it pretty far before they die, but they still die before doing any serious damage. Also, all the land-based plants can have pumpkins, just in case a dancer, football player, or imp gets through.

    I’ve only just started, and it takes a while to get to 100, but I’m well on my way, and have so far encountered no problems.


  12. Here’s my setup:

    As you can see, I’m on 1616 and still going. Every plant is there for a reason… I’ve experimented with other builds and this is still the best to me. The secret is to use your cob cannons 4 times, then while they reload, you use the cherry on one side of the pool, the jalapeno on the other (inner row if Jacks are coming) and either the spikerock for leftover zombonis or the squash for anything else. By the time you’ve done that, your first cobs should be recharged.

    If Jacks are coming, always choose the lily pad, coffee bean, puff/gloom shrooms, because you’ll need them if the Jack blows up and takes out two of your shrooms.

    • Really, I so wanna cry reading this. Wish I had enough time to play Plants vs Zombies all over again. 🙂

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing. Your setup looks awesome and similar to mine, but I see that you planted additional twin sunflowers on 1st row. Might be a good idea as when my defense start crumbling, I need a more stable economy.

      Gosh. I so miss this game. 🙂

  13. aku paling benci sama jack in the box zombie soalnya dia meledak duluan sebelum peluru dari cob cannon jatuh apalagi gloom-shroom yang kena ledakannya

  14. Hi there! just wanted to share that I’ve tried this setup and i lasted for 308 flags! I wanted to try other setup but this one is with instructions on how to do it and as to where and when to deploy the cobs! Thanks a lot! I still enjoy the game even after 2 years! just wanna add that in vasebreaker I’ve reached 61 streaks.

  15. Thank you very much this is very good advice(not surprised if best)and it is without cheats!!!I’m trying it so far and it works before with gatling peas I only got to flag 30!!!Thanx very much

  16. well, I don’t use this strategy, But I’ve reached level 44 so far! But thanks! I’m just gonna try the strategy that came to my mind!

  17. My setup is like:
    It’s exactly like yours(Dian Ara),except for:
    The two Gloom Shrooms on the first line from the left is replaced by Winter Melons,the Umbrella Leafs I have replaced by Gloom Shrooms and finally instead of the one Cat Tail I have just placed an Ice Shroom..BYE FOR NOW;)

  18. I can only reach 5 or 6 flags. Those bucketheads and other zombies just eat away my cob cannons, kernel-pults, winter melons, twin sunflowers, gloom shrooms, and lily pads.

    • I am doing my own strategy here. during first 2 lags I plant only the first row wit sunflowers. I then plant peashooters as needed for the regular zombies. Then I plant repeaters as needed for the coneheads and torchwoods as needed for the bucketheads.

      • In the second wave I select some of the same plants that I selected before such as the Gattling Peas. I put tall nuts in because of the screen door zombies. and then in the third wave there are bungees and so I have to select any of the plants they might steal.

  19. My family members always say that I am wasting my time here at net,
    however I know I am getting experience all the time by reading thes pleasant posts.

  20. this step is great i survive 40 flags + continue.but i want to replace 1cattail with a gold magnet because i lost lots of coins & jewls

  21. kalo gw ma da flag 546 gak mainkan lagi bro,,uda bosen zombienya sama aja,gak ada perubahan, gak usah pake cheat,,main nya harus sabar,,asalkan waktu luncurkan cob cannon nya harus tepat waktu,dan tepat sasaran,jangan terllu cepat juga luncurkan cob cannon nya,karena jeda waktu cob yg lain blm matang,itu yang akan jadi masalah,tanamkan twin sunflower nya 3 aja uda cukup,cattail nya 1,sebenarnya tdk cukup 1 cattail nya,,krna ballon zombie nya terllu bnyk,tpi tenang aja,sisanya serahkan ke cob cannon aja bro,,,,disamping itu kmu bisa tanamkan gold magnet nya 2 ,karna 1 aja gak cukup buat ambil koin yg bertebaran disebabkan terllu tebalnya koin yang tertumpuk.salam,,,

  22. on my pc I have only made it to 33 flags to date. I did not think about putting cob cannons in the pool that might help. I do rely on the cattails in the pool to help with the miners with at least 4 rows the gattlins with fire with a big potato at the end of pool to slow the onslaught of dolphins. usually by flag 10 I have 9990 credits and just maintain from there.
    If you have questions just email me and I will try to help. I don’t believe anyone can make it to 100 or more flags without some sort of cheat though. Sorry guys just don’t believe you for pc game anyways. The game is addictive and I have to take breaks from it some my eyes don’t go out. I play on a 70 inch LED in my living room so it does kinda get in your face after a while.
    Good luck to all.
    If there are cheats for the pc game then please let me know cause I just cant get past 33 flags lol

  23. I can’t pick any Sun granting flower and Sun does NOT drop when playin endless.
    Is this a bug or because I play on the iPhone? Am I to unlock something first?

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