Plants vs Zombies 2 is Coming in 2013

Today that tweet of mine came true! PopCap Games announced Plants vs Zombies 2!

This sequel to my fave game of all time will hit the stores in 2013. You can read the official press release from PopCap on Joystiq.

Gosh, this is amazing! I can’t wait for zombies to arrive one more time on my lawn! ^.^

Plants VS Zombies Survival: Endless 100 Flags Setup


I’ve been playing Plants VS Zombies for some weeks now. Quite addicted to it. After had consecutively finished the Adventure mode 3 times, I got bored. So I tried the Survival: Endless. After dozens of refresh and setups (yes, I’m such a lame gamer, LOL), I finally made it through 100 flags. Turns out the most important thing in surviving Endless Survival isn’t only the setup alone, but also WHERE and WHEN you deploy the Cob Cannons.
Now, shall we?