Swapnote Me Maybe

Excuse me for this one post please. I know not all of you own Nintendo 3DS, and this video might confuse you. But for 3DS owners, this could feel like an epic video. Seriously. It’s an honest 3DS review presented in catchy tunes of Carly Rae Jepsen’s popular song Call Me Maybe.

If you happen to own a 3DS, jump right to the video, listen to the lyrics, and you’ll see that we can very much relate to it. ^.^

Thank you, Ellie Rae Wolf, Tyeforce and StreetPass Arizona. You guys made my day!

Let’s watch it! Sing with me!

September Challenge: One Post a Day

Original image by Oloff3 (Deviantart)

Hello, September! I would like to challenge myself this month. For the next 30 days, starting from today, I will publish 30 posts on this blog. One post a day. Since I am learning to be a great strategist, of course I am doing it with a plan.

Here is how.

Goodness, Nintendo 3DS!

E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) was just over. Despite desperate longing for being there, I couldn’t. So I watched several media briefings via live stream and read the news posted on some gaming sites. God bless internet!

Here is my favorite E3 announcement… The most exciting of all… Ta-daaa…

Keep reading please, it’s really awesome! XD

Mario, Will You Marry Me?


In about 12 hours or so, you’ll find Super Mario Galaxy 2 on retailers’ shelves.

A Wii exclusive with so many perfect-scored reviews, Super Mario Galaxy 2 makes me tremble in excitement. The legendary plumber has grabbed attention from all round the globe for 29 years now, and the love for him never fades out.

Created by Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario is currently Nintendo’s mascot. But I think he’s more than just a mascot. He’s super coolest guy ever! And here are some reasons.
Save Princess Peach by reading this post to the end!