How to Turn iPod Nano 5G to an Awesome e-Book Reader


Gosh, I feel stupid writing this one. But this blog is supposed to be my personal journal. And let’s face it, for a not-so-tech-savvy girl as I am, converting my iPod Nano 5G into an e-book reader is quite an achievement. Gimme a break, will ya?

So, I’ve had this lovely iPod since December 2009. It’s the first I’ve ever had among Apple products I’ve always found fascinating. If money weren’t the issue, I’d surely buy them all, LOL!

Having such a powerful gadget without realizing its true power… sucks. Just think about it! For the whole 6 months! And today I just found out how to turn my iPod Nano 5G to an e-book reader. An awesome one!

Now, how did I do it?
By praying to the Lord seriously… NOT. Here’s how…