An Affirmation: I am Organized

Starting from NOW, I am ready to live an organized life.

I notice 4 areas of my life where I have been too messy:

  1. Home
  2. Work
  3. Lifestyle, including health
  4. Finance

I am re-thinking about everything. It is way past those years when I could recklessly say, “You know what? I’ll just live for today. Tomorrow? Meh.” When I am fully recovered from dengue fever, I will immediately work on planning goals and strategies to achieve them, including organizational systems that might help me.

Thought of Death Helps to Live Life to the Fullest


Buddha said, we are what we think. Implemented to the pursuit of happiness, the wisdom is so true. Every situation in life can be optionally perceived in 2 perspectives: whether I accept it and learn to grow better, or I defensively deny it and put myself into the endless misery of pain.
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How to be Happy

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*I’m just copying the lines so please watch the video first.

Happiness will not be found where you are currently looking. Because what you think will make you happy, will not.

Happiness will not come from losing a few pounds, gaining a few dollars, making it big, making it official, perfect bodies, perfect places or new possessions. So stop searching for something that can’t be found. And start learning what you can do to become a happier person!
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How to Deal with Panic Attacks: Star Wars Breathing Relaxation

My mood was topsy-turvy yesterday. With no ATM card I’d just lost, there was too little cash in my wallet, and it was a long weekend so the bank closed. On top of it, my boyfriend wouldn’t come to Bandung. Instead, I had to go to Jakarta if I wanted to meet him. Bummer.

I sent a harsh SMS, saying that he was a snob for showing such an apathy. I called him and started to yell at him. I didn’t really mean it, but I guess it broke my heart as much as I broke his.

When I finally pulled myself together, I realized that the situation wasn’t that bad. Solutions emerged one by one, and suddenly I felt terribly sorry for all I’d done.

Sounds familiar, huh?

Yeah, regrets always come last. During panic attacks we often do something we don’t mean to, but we do it anyway. People we actually love are so hurt that we’re left with nothing but clearer perspective: the situation might’ve been different if we’d done it differently. But that’s just too late sometimes.

Lucky for me, my boyfriend has a big heart. He forgave me within minutes, saying that me gone mad in such situation was completely understandable. Geez, after what I’d done to him…

Apologizing to him, I kept telling myself that it wouldn’t happen again. So I browsed about how to control emotions in the middle of a panic attack. Turns out a simple breathing relaxation technique can help. I tried it this morning and it worked! So lemme share it with you, yes?
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