Bound, Bound and Rebound with Pixar’s Boundin’

Pixar's Boundin'

Am so gonna watch Toy Story 3 this weekend. *fiuhhh, get some me-time at last* As usual, kinda a ritual for me, rite before watching any Pixar’s movie in the cinema, I just have to watch Pixar’s previously released short animations. I love them all, but the best of the best for me is still For the Birds, hehe…

But here’s another good Pixar’s short that ‘opened’ The Incredibles: Boundin’. I put it on top of my fave list because of Bud Luckey.

Who is Bud Luckey? This 76-year-old is describable in 3 words: REMARKABLE. POETIC. ANIMATOR.
Let’s bound to the end of this article!