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On Content

Dian Ara’s Quest is a personal blog. All articles published here are direct results of my knowledge, experience and perspective. The views are mine, not my employer’s or anyone else.

On Using Articles Published on Dian Ara’s Quest

You are free to remix, tweak and build upon any article published on Dian Ara’s Quest for either non-commercial or commercial purpose, under following conditions:

  1. You license your new creations under the identical terms as my license. It means you allow anyone else to remix, tweak and build your work (the new creation) for either non-commercial or commercial purpose.
  2. You credit me for the original creation (my work) by giving the proper attribution to Dian Ara’s Quest. If your work is published online, you can link back to this site. If your work is published offline, you can cite the URL (https://dianaraquest.wordpress.com) as one of your sources. You don’t need to ask for my permission. A proper credit is sufficient. If you have doubts or questions, just shout, “Howdy!”

Read more about my license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/

On Images and Pictures Published on Dian Ara’s Quest

Some images and pictures you see here are mine, but more are other people’s. The difference is distinct as such:

  1. My images/pictures do not always have attribution on captions.
  2. Other people’s images and pictures have proper attribution on captions. Click an image/picture to go directly to the respective owner’s page. If you want to use these images/pictures, please read their own licenses.
  3. Book covers, videogames screenshots and movie/anime posters are not mine. The developers/publishers have made them available for sharing (for marketing purposes), so until they ask me to take them down, I will keep using these images and pictures to support review articles.

On Your Work Cited on Dian Ara’s Quest

If you believe I credited you improperly, or if I mistakenly credited someone else for your images/pictures, please contact me. Upon your request I will take them down immediately.

I do not cite references on footnote. Instead, I use permalinks. If you prefer your posts not being cited here, please contact me. Upon your request I will take them down immediately.

On Comments

‘Awaiting for moderation’ appears when you post your very first comment on this blog. It’s the default setting of WordPress.com blogs to prevent spams. Your second and next comments should be instantly published.

I can delete or edit your comments. However, I do it only for following reasons:

  • Spams
  • Requests to join any kind of viral blogosphere award and contest
  • Anything not following common netiquette, i.e. hatred, racism, etc.

My readers are from various countries, cultures and backgrounds. Respect ’em all. What is ordinary for you might just be sensitive issue for others.

On Videos

I use YouTube videos on this blog, and they are not mine. I give attributes to the video uploaders. If you believe I mistakenly credited someone else for your videos, please contact me.

On Sharing

You are welcome to share anything on this blog. Sharing is hawt! ^.^

And Finally…

I love sharing. I hope you don’t love stealing.