3 Classic Mental Blocks of New Writers, and How to Crush ‘Em All

Pic by Rob (license: CC BY-NC 2.0)

Pic by Rob (license: CC BY-NC 2.0)

Once I met a professional writer. Having 20+ novels published, she must be quite famous in Indonesia’s fiction writing scene. Our rendezvous point was a book store. After we had sat down on cozy, tiny couches in the corner, she said, “Please don’t ask me how to write. I hate that question.”

I was stunned.

Here’s the explanation.


How to Blog Regularly Using Trello

Blogging is easy. Blogging regularly is not. Fortunately, there is Trello for that. It is a project/task management application created by great folks in Fog Creek, and it has helped me publish one post a day on this blog. Here is how I use Trello for blogging regularly.

Keep reading to find the method.

Learn to Write by Never Leaving Your Notebook

Pic by Dvortygirl

One thing I learn from being a journalist is what I believe every writer and blogger should also learn: Keeping a notebook. At. All. Times.



Learn to Write by Catching Ideas

Pic by Adi Respati

One excuse new bloggers frequently say when they stop writing, “I have no idea what to write.” And here is how I usually respond, “Getting new ideas is very easy. Writer’s block does not exist!

Let me prove it to you.


Learn to Write by Pushing Yourself to Write

Pic by Drew Coffman

I am a firm believer of this ancient Greek saying, “Water continually dropping will wear hard rocks hollow.” If you want to master any skill, you have to practice regularly. The more you practice, the faster you master it. If you want to write well, write regularly. Period.

Okay. Not so period.


Learn to Write by Writing

Let’s write! – Pic by Pascal Maramis

You might have read countless writing tips from books and the internet. Even if you memorize them all, those techniques will be useless if you never do this particular one technique. It is actually the most important technique in learning to write.

Do you really wanna know?


The (Hopeful) Tale of Football Saga 2, A Football Player Simulation Game to Help Indonesia’s Football Team

Football Saga 2 has just reached the latest huge milestone: Open Beta. It means the Agate Studio‘s online football player simulation game is open for you to play. For FREE. Also, the teaser trailer Garuda Bersatu has just been released. But please, before I explain what this game is all about, allow me to share with you a humble piece of story about my beloved country Indonesia.

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The Simplest Bookmark Origami

Of all bookmark origami, I heart this one created by Marigami the most. It’s easy and fast, with a paper bookmark that won’t damage my books in the end.

Have fun!


Harnessing the Power of Twitter Text


There are countless Twitter clients and Twitter third apps. Many articles on the internet have mentioned them all. Ironically, the one being overlooked for so long has been Twitter Text, which in fact is the original way to send tweets.

Let’s harness its power!


How to Deal with Ramadhan if You are a Non-Moslem


Today marks the first day of the Islamic holy month Ramadhan this year. I find Ramadhan the best month of the year. It is basically the perfect moment for one’s self-control over all negativities.

The fact is, not everyone is a Moslem (a person whose religion is Islam). For the whole month, either you are a Moslem or a non-Moslem, you might spend your daily lives differently. How to deal with it when those around you, especially the ones you love, fast during Ramadhan?

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