Is Code Really Poetry?

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For more than 2 years I have been intrigued by the tee I got from WordCamp Indonesia 2010. It has a line on its back, “Code is poetry.”

On many websites I found, “Coders write.”

Huh? What the heck are they talking about?

Here is my journey finding the answer.


An Affirmation: I am Organized

Starting from NOW, I am ready to live an organized life.

I notice 4 areas of my life where I have been too messy:

  1. Home
  2. Work
  3. Lifestyle, including health
  4. Finance

I am re-thinking about everything. It is way past those years when I could recklessly say, “You know what? I’ll just live for today. Tomorrow? Meh.” When I am fully recovered from dengue fever, I will immediately work on planning goals and strategies to achieve them, including organizational systems that might help me.

Dengue Fever, Positive

I was diagnosed with dengue fever. Last week when I thought I had inflamed throat? Yeah, that was actually when the Aedes aegypti virus invaded my body.

More about it?


A New Haircut


Today I did something spontaneous. On my way to the office, I stopped by a beauty salon and had my hair cut.

I have never had a haircut like this before. I could not even tell the stylist what I really wanted, so I just let her did her thing. My fiancee, Ibnu, said I looked like cute girls in anime, hahaha…


When Life Gives You Lemons, Buy Some Pens and Paper


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I was a bit depressed today, so I went out to Gramedia for some reckless shopping. Continue reading


Pain Be Gone!



I am physically so weak that I am sick at least once a month. I hate myself. ūüė•


Just Another Evening in Bandung


It is 5:54 PM and everyone on the street seems to have the most important business on earth.


Shh, Here is My Little Secret…


A couple of years ago I stole a pair of 3D glasses from the cinema so that I could take stupid pictures like this. Oh, the temptation! >.<

I found this old picture when I tried to organize my Dropbox folders. Could not find the glasses though. (._.)

This post is inspired by Plinky’s Prompt.


Getting Married, What to Do?!

Pic by Sukanto Debnath

My fiancee, Ibnu, asked me to marry him as soon as possible. If God allows it, I would be Mrs. Triyono by the end of the year. In less than 3 months!

Ibnu will be a great life partner, I know. And yet, somehow, I am suddenly in fear.


On Cheating

Pic by Inubleachanimefan

As a female, I contemn guys who cheat.

As a lover, I do not want to cheat nor be cheated on.

As a friend, I want my married friends to be happy. But some cheated on their wives to be happy. And they told me everything! >.<

As a high school graduate, I honestly cheated on math tests. I hate maths!

As a gamer, I think using game cheats is unsatisfying.

As a game community manager, I hate banning cheating players. But I have to, it is my job!

As a game studio's self-publishing strategist, I gotta find those cheating players who actually hacked our game, and then offer them one of the best jobs on the planet: Security developers.

-_______-;; Tell me again, why would such thing as ‘cheating’ even exist?