Is Code Really Poetry?

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For more than 2 years I have been intrigued by the tee I got from WordCamp Indonesia 2010. It has a line on its back, “Code is poetry.”

On many websites I found, “Coders write.”

Huh? What the heck are they talking about?

Here is my journey finding the answer.

An Affirmation: I am Organized

Starting from NOW, I am ready to live an organized life.

I notice 4 areas of my life where I have been too messy:

  1. Home
  2. Work
  3. Lifestyle, including health
  4. Finance

I am re-thinking about everything. It is way past those years when I could recklessly say, “You know what? I’ll just live for today. Tomorrow? Meh.” When I am fully recovered from dengue fever, I will immediately work on planning goals and strategies to achieve them, including organizational systems that might help me.

On Cheating

Pic by Inubleachanimefan

As a female, I contemn guys who cheat.

As a lover, I do not want to cheat nor be cheated on.

As a friend, I want my married friends to be happy. But some cheated on their wives to be happy. And they told me everything! >.<

As a high school graduate, I honestly cheated on math tests. I hate maths!

As a gamer, I think using game cheats is unsatisfying.

As a game community manager, I hate banning cheating players. But I have to, it is my job!

As a game studio's self-publishing strategist, I gotta find those cheating players who actually hacked our game, and then offer them one of the best jobs on the planet: Security developers.

-_______-;; Tell me again, why would such thing as ‘cheating’ even exist?