GDC 2011: @truffle’s Tweets on Behavioral Economics Talk

Christina Norman (@truffle) is currently working for Bioware. She designs Mass Effect games. Here are her tweets livereporting Game Developers Conference 2011, particularly about understanding and implementing behavioral economics in game development.

tweet link

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Integrating 3 Social Medias, #Ionopolis is NOT a Social Game


No kidding, Indonesians are in fact powerful in social medias. Indonesia is the 2nd after Brazil in Twitter reach studied by ComScore. I’ve also noticed on several occasions that Indonesians have often dominated trending topics. Approximately 26 million Facebook users are Indonesians. While on Foursquare, I’ll say no more, this image clearly explains it. *thank you, Nguping Teknologi!


On the darker side, when something fun blasts (for free) and everyone can’t get enough of it, that’s when the brands come in. They’ve sickened me to death with the most basic method of advertising: “Hey, I’ve got this for you. Just follow me.” Only God knows how many times I’ve been blocking spambots and brands trying to get more followers on Twitter.

People naturally dislike being persuaded, or even forced, to buy stuff. That may be the reason why I find Ionopolis, a game published by Pocari Sweat, interesting. After the genius brand campaign of Old Spice, Ionopolis is definitely worth to remember.

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Plants VS Zombies Survival: Endless 100 Flags Setup


I’ve been playing Plants VS Zombies for some weeks now. Quite addicted to it. After had consecutively finished the Adventure mode 3 times, I got bored. So I tried the Survival: Endless. After dozens of refresh and setups (yes, I’m such a lame gamer, LOL), I finally made it through 100 flags. Turns out the most important thing in surviving Endless Survival isn’t only the setup alone, but also WHERE and WHEN you deploy the Cob Cannons.
Now, shall we?

Goodness, Nintendo 3DS!

E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) was just over. Despite desperate longing for being there, I couldn’t. So I watched several media briefings via live stream and read the news posted on some gaming sites. God bless internet!

Here is my favorite E3 announcement… The most exciting of all… Ta-daaa…

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Mario, Will You Marry Me?


In about 12 hours or so, you’ll find Super Mario Galaxy 2 on retailers’ shelves.

A Wii exclusive with so many perfect-scored reviews, Super Mario Galaxy 2 makes me tremble in excitement. The legendary plumber has grabbed attention from all round the globe for 29 years now, and the love for him never fades out.

Created by Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario is currently Nintendo’s mascot. But I think he’s more than just a mascot. He’s super coolest guy ever! And here are some reasons.
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