Swapnote Me Maybe

Excuse me for this one post please. I know not all of you own Nintendo 3DS, and this video might confuse you. But for 3DS owners, this could feel like an epic video. Seriously. It’s an honest 3DS review presented in catchy tunes of Carly Rae Jepsen’s popular song Call Me Maybe.

If you happen to own a 3DS, jump right to the video, listen to the lyrics, and you’ll see that we can very much relate to it. ^.^

Thank you, Ellie Rae Wolf, Tyeforce and StreetPass Arizona. You guys made my day!

Let’s watch it! Sing with me!

Bound, Bound and Rebound with Pixar’s Boundin’

Pixar's Boundin'

Am so gonna watch Toy Story 3 this weekend. *fiuhhh, get some me-time at last* As usual, kinda a ritual for me, rite before watching any Pixar’s movie in the cinema, I just have to watch Pixar’s previously released short animations. I love them all, but the best of the best for me is still For the Birds, hehe…

But here’s another good Pixar’s short that ‘opened’ The Incredibles: Boundin’. I put it on top of my fave list because of Bud Luckey.

Who is Bud Luckey? This 76-year-old is describable in 3 words: REMARKABLE. POETIC. ANIMATOR.
Let’s bound to the end of this article!