How to Blog Regularly Using Trello

Blogging is easy. Blogging regularly is not. Fortunately, there is Trello for that. It is a project/task management application created by great folks in Fog Creek, and it has helped me publish one post a day on this blog. Here is how I use Trello for blogging regularly.

Keep reading to find the method.

Smartphone Mobile Apps I am Dying to See on the Marketplace

Yea. Rite.

As the owner of an iPod touch (iOS), a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (Android), a Lumia 800 (Windows Phone) and a Gemini (Blackberry), I have downloaded hundreds of mobile apps. A lot more are offered on App Store, Android Market (now part of Google Play), Windows Phone Marketplace and Blackberry App World. These following apps, however, are the ones I never found there, yet in fact the ones I need the most.

Here they are!

Plinky Storms Your Brain with Questions


I’d bring my iPod Nano 5G with me. But wait, is there electricity in afterlife?

Confused by that line above (and the pic)? You should. That is my answer upon a question prompt provided by Plinky, and I just auto-published it to this blog.

The question to that answer was:
They say you can’t take it with you. If you could, what’s one thing you’d bring?

But I bet a better question is swirling in your head rite now: What is Plinky?
Well, read the rest!

Pocoyize Yourself for World Cup 2010


Despite the series is targeted to pre-school kids, while I’m at my 20s, Pocoyo is simply lovable. The cutest cartoon character with cutest friends. Especially the silly duck Pato!

Now, 3 days before World Cup 2010 kickoff, Zinkia Entertainment and Pocoyo are showing their support to the biggest soccer event by releasing Pocoyizate.

Pocoyizate is avatar-building application. You can on your own, for free, build a unique Pocoyo-style avatar. 32 shirts of national teams for the World Cup 2010 are available. Show your support for preferred national team by pocoyizing your avatar!
Here’s how…