Goodreads Reading Challenge 2013


It’s on! Goodreads FTW!

I love reading. But, how good a reader am I? If we measure it by the number of titles I read last year, the answer varies depending on who you are.

Among Indonesian avid readers, I have average reading habit. Compared to Americans, it would most likely be an embarrassment. And, compared to Japanese, it feels like being totally pawned. ^.^

Committing myself to read more books this year, I join Goodreads Reading Challenge 2013. Sixty titles in 365 days.

When I started to fill the form, however, Goodreads reminded me that in 2012 the number of titles I read was… One.

You lied, Goodreads!

You lied, Goodreads!

Actually, of all 20+ books I read last year, only one ever recorded on my Goodreads page. I guess it should have been Reading (+Updating Goodreads) Challenge 2013.

This year’s commitment might seem unrealistic compared to last year’s, but I read English-written books, mostly were about business and management–areas in which my comprehension is never strong. So, this time I plan a better strategy:

  • 3 Indonesian-written fiction books in 1st week (hey, I could finish Adenita’s 359-page 9 Matahari overnight!)
  • 1 English-written fiction book in 2nd week
  • 1 English-written business/management/technical book in 3rd and 4th weeks

Five books times 12 months, the math is pretty simple. Yeah, I can do this. You, too, are welcome to join me in the challenge. Shall we?

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