No Bad Day, Thank You

Pic by rkleine (license: CC BY-NC 2.0)

Pic by rkleine (license: CC BY-NC 2.0)

I had a really bad day a couple of days ago. I woke up late. I went to the office without proper preparation. I opened the e-mail and got a very frustrating Quest from my boss. I was overly sensitive towards almost everything. My team was not doing their job properly. Another team we work with kept nagging me with a server bug that had been around for months. Right before lunch-time, I hid in the empty Musholla (a small room fellow Moslems use to pray) and cried.

It was a dreadful 4 hours.

At 12:00 PM a co-worker, a Christian, offers me to join his gathering. No idea what it was. We basically gathered in War Room (the meeting room) and sang praises to the Lord. I was overwhelmed by emotions, so I just sat in the corner and watched them.

After a couple of songs, they prayed. I sat still.

They then, one by one, shared what had happened that day. We called it ‘Short Wifle (=What I Feel Like to Express).’ But there was additional rule: The WIFLE’s theme was gratitude. What was it that we were grateful for that day?

I got the last turn, so–fortunately–I had quite some time to think. Hmm… What was I grateful for?

Well, I woke up late, true. But I woke up with all eyes, arms and legs intact. That was good.

I could safely cross the big street right before I reached the office. Trust me, that street is a danger zone! Pedestrians crossing that street = suicidal. So, me, crossing it safe and sound, was good.

And then I remembered the e-mail. Okay, that was frustrating. “I put a lot of efforts in that particular Quest, and now he (my boss) asked me to change it? In the last minute? Is he insane?!”

My wandering mind is interrupted by a co-worker. “I am grateful because I can smile.”

What did he say? Smile?



Smiling. Simple move. Magical effect.

I tried to open my lips. I stretched them towards my ears. Wow! It was so simple, yet I suddenly became calm.

I continued to remember, what else I could be grateful for that day. And then it hit me!

“Hey, I have a job. And it is fun!”

How dare I thought it was a bad day?! IT WAS NOT!

Moral of the Story

Smiling is easy. Happiness is free. Gratitude is the key.

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