Bye, 2012! Hi, 2013!

Gosh. I hope it is not too late to say, “Happy New Year! May the Force be with you!” ^.^

Last year was a great year. The best year in my life, in fact. And 2013 will absolutely be a blast!

Let’s see…

The most crucial point of time in 2012 would be April. That was when I left freelancing life to join a video game studio. I was a community manager in a self-publishing team despite my dream to be a game designer. ^.^;

In July 2012, probation finished, and ever since I have officially been the proud crew of Agate Studio. My role, Summoner, is quite exciting.

FYI, Agate has its own terms for titles and roles. Summoner is to community manager as Knight is to game programmer. Pretty cool, rite? ^.^

In October 2012, I celebrated my birthday on a midnight trip from Jakarta, after I had attended the biggest gaming event Indonesia Game Show. A special gift from fiancee? Origami. XD

A month later there was a serious talk about marriage. Well, more serious than previous discussions. ^.^ I am getting married in 2013, yaaay!

In December 2012, I got a piece of information about the next big project. Since it is under NDA, I can share with you nothing but this one: I am about to work with people from a huge video game studio, whose games are actually the ones I have been playing since I was a teenager. GOSH! I ALMOST FAINTED WHEN MY BOSS BROKE THE NEWS! XD

*fingers crossed* Please, God, don’t let me faint nor cry when I finally meet them in the next meeting…

My boss has also hired a special person to teach my team everything about video games self-publishing and project management. He is an English-speaking Japanese, experienced in project management, problem solving, goals-strategies and marketing.

He is also a very strict, hardworking, diligent guy. He arrives at 8:00 AM and finishes working at 10:00 PM. He never misses deadlines. So, my 2013 in a glimpse: Tight deadlines, time awareness, problem solving, rough meetings and–of course–half a dozen cups of coffee. XD

But it will pay. I will finally be as smart as those college graduates, muahahahaha…

Now, apology is in order; bad time management keeping me from updating this blog for more than 2 months. I never stop writing though. Recently I have been training my team in writing skill. And I have been writing flash fiction in another blog. But, until I have enough self-confidence, it stays private. XD

Kay. Enough about me. What about you? How was 2012 for you? What is 2013 going to be?

Bonus: New Year Gift from

Thank you, Automattic. The annual report is frikkin awesome!

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