Dengue Fever, Positive

I was diagnosed with dengue fever. Last week when I thought I had inflamed throat? Yeah, that was actually when the Aedes aegypti virus invaded my body.

The doctor said my body had been ‘at war’ against the virus, hence all uncomfortable symptoms I was having as dizziness, fever, muscle aches and nausea. Today the famous dengue fever’s ‘red spots’ appeared on my arms, and my heart beat too fast.

Dengue fever has 3 phases, respectively Febrile, Critical and Recovery. Last week was the Febrile phase, and now I am at the second night of Critical phase. It is the most dangerous phase with thrombocyte leakage. Until Sunday I have to seriously beware of following symptoms that might occur:

  • Vomiting
  • High fever, usually more than 39 degrees Celcius (or 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Severe muscle or joint aches
  • Severe palpitation
  • Diarrhea
  • Any kind of bleeding

If either one of those symptoms does occur, I will have to go straight to the lab and have my thrombocyte count checked. Below 100,000 platelets/cubic-millimeter, I will be immediately hospitalized.

I must bed-rest for the next six days in order to keep the thrombocyte count above the minimum level.

Dengue fever is caused by certain mosquitos. I never find one at home, so the encounter might have happened in the office. But, of all 70+ people in my office, I am the only one infected?! Wow, my immune system is quite pathetic, isn’t it? When this is all over, I will work on a new lifestyle plan.

But of course, I need another chance to live. Wish me luck.

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