When Life Gives You Lemons, Buy Some Pens and Paper

Shopping spree!

I was a bit depressed today, so I went out to Gramedia for some reckless shopping.

I am different from most girls. When others choose to buy shoes, dresses, hair clips they do not need, I choose to buy paper I do not (currently) need.

And here are what I bought in 2 hours.

They come in 4 pretty colors. How can I resist?

And only a couple of minutes ago I realized, I already had one better set! (._.)

When I meet new people, I need to write down their phone numbers. Wait, isn’t my phone able to do that stuff?

Not guilty on this one, Your Honor. Post-It any day keeps the headache away.

An old organizer, where I will stuff all those pretty colorful paper into.

My organizer’s cover is replaceable, and this one is the back cover, cut from a Faber-Castell promotional brochure.

My organizer’s front cover, also cut from Faber-Castell promotional brochure. Love it!

Zebra Sarasa Clip is currently popular stationery in Indonesia. It comes in a dozen colors, but I prefer playing with safe colors as dark blue and gray. Named so because the cap also serves as a clip. Brilliant!

Aaand, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you… The badass of all… Pilot BP-X. I have lusted for this one since… AGES!

I spent IDR 115,000 (around $11) today. Feels so good! For now.

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