Smartphone Mobile Apps I am Dying to See on the Marketplace

Yea. Rite.

As the owner of an iPod touch (iOS), a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (Android), a Lumia 800 (Windows Phone) and a Gemini (Blackberry), I have downloaded hundreds of mobile apps. A lot more are offered on App Store, Android Market (now part of Google Play), Windows Phone Marketplace and Blackberry App World. These following apps, however, are the ones I never found there, yet in fact the ones I need the most.

An App for Miscalling the Phone

In Indonesia there is this habit: If you need to talk with someone badly, and you have no idea how to find him/her, “Just miscall!”

Well, I need to reach my phone. Last time I saw it, it was on… Um… Wait. It was there… Um…

Where the hell is my phone?! Phone! Miscall yourself!

An App for Miscalling the Keys

Okay, let’s say I finally find my phone. And let’s just ignore the messy room. Next!

Where the hell are my keys?! Phone! Miscall the keys!

An App for Finding the Love of My (Friend’s) Life

Many of my friends are singles. Very few of them deliberately choose to be singles. Many more desperately want to find their soul mates.

It is hard to find ‘the right one,’ no? And I do not remember Steve Jobs (God rest his soul) ever said, “There’s an app for that.”

An App to Tell the Truth

In too many occasions I am barely able to tell if someone is telling the truth. Even after I stare at him/her for a couple of minutes. Which then usually leads to an awkward moment.

I wish there were a camera app that could tell me if someone was lying.

An App to Speak Up My Mind Precisely

I am a good writer and a terrible speaker. When it comes to direct communication involving speaking, I suck. Big time. I wish there were an app that could precisely explain to everyone what I had in mind. It would be a great help when I pitched new strategies in meetings, or when I had arguments that somehow led to heated debates.

An App that Knows the Meaning of Life

No, I do not want the one that keeps saying, “It’s 42.”

An App to Make Big Decisions

I do not want to make big decisions! I am a Libran. Born to be indecisive! Making big decisions gives me headache!

I wish there were an app that could tell me instantly, “Here is what you should do,” every time I needed advice on big decisions I had to make.

So, any mobile app developers out there interested in developing these ideas? I will be your first customer!

Also, what mobile apps are you dying to see on App Store, Android Market, Windows Phone Marketplace, Blackberry App World or any other smartphone marketplace?

This post is inspired by Plinky’s Prompt.

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