The Current Awesome State of the Blog

Views from the last 7 days. This is only a half part of the long list.

I created this blog on one simple purpose: To practice my English writing. Over time, however, the art of blogging entices me as well. has helped a lot. It compels me to read blogging tips blogs, where blogging experts share their tips and ideas on how to effectively maintain a blog.

I am not talking about some world-class SEO tricks. This blog is never intended to make money anyway. I prefer playing with such things as:

  • Presentation and readability
  • Picking the right theme
  • Placing the right widgets on the right spots
  • The overall tone of my writing: Simple, straightforward, genuine, passionate

Lately the Stats that provides on backend panel has caught my attention. The graph is kind of a surprise treat. More than 35 percent of my readers come from the USA! Followed by so many other countries!


(How on earth did you find this blog?)

I am thrilled because it means one thing (or so my humble mind says): That I now have a greater opportunity to directly communicate with the native speakers, and in turn, it might improve my English faster. And, the best thing is I can do it on my small table in my small room in a small city in Indonesia. How cool is that? ^.^

But, of course, I am aware of the challenges that follow.

I need to keep reminding myself that–according to the Stats–you have your own cultures that might be very different from mine. Staying a genuinely Indonesian while I write for an audience coming from different backgrounds can be tricky. If I recklessly mention ‘angkot’ on my posts without any explanation of what that exactly is, you might need to google it; I would like to confuse no one.

Pic by Ikhlasul Amal

(Angkot is Indonesia’s cheapest public transportation in its cities and villages, by the way. It is also the most hazardous minibus due to the driver’s inhumane driving skills.)

I also need to start learning about connecting with you. Encouraging you to discuss the posts through comments so I can actually learn English. And, frankly, this is the scariest part. -.-

But hey, I need to get out of my comfort zone anyway. As Indonesia’s greatest writer–a Nobel prize candidate and my favorite–Pramoedya Ananta Toer once said,

Writing is a courage.

Let’s just keep learning. ^.^ If you find any mistake in my writing, you are most welcome to correct me. Please do.

Also, thank you for coming here. I deeply appreciate it.

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