The LEGO Story: Only The Best is Good Enough

Here is an amazing video created to celebrate LEGO’s 80th birthday. It shows us how a Danish carpentry startup has been growing into a three-generation-old toy maestro company selling plastic bricks loved by millions of kids and grown-ups around the world.

“Only the best is good enough.”

This video inspires me to make the best out of every situation. Ole Kirk Christiansen is depicted here as a strong-willed father and leader, fully responsible for his family and workers. He went through a lot of shit, but he kept calm and carried on. I can’t even imagine how anyone could run any business during a war; Denmark was occupied by Germany in 1940-1945.

Once my boss said, “Every great company has a great culture infused by the leaders to everyone working towards the same strong vision.” LEGO has it.

Happy birthday, LEGO!

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