Gamer and Proud!

Sometimes I feel like God was joking when He created me. I am so not normal.

As a girl, I am expected to think and to love stuff like a real girl, right? Well, I do have breasts and all physical symptoms that define me as a girl. But I cannot love girly stuff as much as I love video games. Sometimes it makes me feel like I were a mutant. So out of place. Like being a wrong creation. Like I was supposed to be a boy and He kinda screwed up in the process.

I believe it started since I could recognize stuff around me. My grandparents loved me so much they bought toys they believed a toddler would love to play with. I had Barbie and some other not-so-famous dolls, a doll house, a tiny cooking set, balls, etc. I tried to play them all, but what really blew my tiny brain was the toy they gave to my big brothers:

NES – Image taken from

Now I can’t even remember where the doll house went, but it is still fresh in my memory how I shot the tanks while guarding the eagle, or how I stumped on mushroom and went down the pipe, or how I have to survive with 3 lives dodging the falling rocks while I made my way up the waterfall.

Yesterday a friend showed me an online store. It sells dresses, colorful wedges, tiny purses and everything else that most girls would love to see and say, “Ooooh… It’s so cute!” I stayed on the store for about 20 seconds and went straight back to this:

It might have been a totally different story if it was Thinkgeek!

Earlier today another friend asked me to join her in a shopping spree. Now is holiday, and the malls are having big sales to celebrate Idul Fitri. She wanted to add another pot of anti-wrinkle cream from Body Shop to her astounding collection of anti-wrinkle cream. I politely refused, “Sorry, I have an important chore to do.” That important chore, which I believed was more crucial than keeping my skin firm, would be playing Darksiders II for the first time.

Don’t get me wrong. I do not wear boyish clothes. My wardrobe contains a dozen of small-sized tees, a couple of leggings, one hoodie, half a dozen of pyjamas and two pairs of jeans. I keep one pair of yellow Crocs for daily activities, one pair of orange Nike for Parkour and one pair of khaki wedges, that I bought for formal occasions but apparently I am seldom invited to formal events that they have been staying inside their box for months.

I also have a “beauty” box. Inside you will find one hair comb, several ponytail holders, two bottles of body lotion and lots of wet wipes. Of course I have two lipsticks and one lip gloss, but I rarely use them anyway. In 6 months I am pretty sure I will have to dump them and buy new ones.

My collection of games, however…

I have 5+ games on Xperia Play, 300+ games on iPod touch, 5+ games on 3DS and 60+ games on Steam. Since I work in a game studio, I also have access to hundreds of old and new PC games.

Unlike most of my girl friends, I find shopping for dresses and shoes to be excruciating experience. Twice a year I ask one of my girl friends to take me to the mall. She spends 2-3 hours dragging me through stores and boutiques, picking the right model, while my mind wanders around what I can do to break my own record in Plants vs Zombies’ Survival Endless mode. When she finally finds the right one, I try it in the fitting room, and if she smiles and nods approvingly, I go straight to the register and pay. I never tweet about those dresses.

When I bought 3DS, however…

I barely slept for 2 days straight, digging into several forums to find the most appealing deals. When I finally found the right seller, I could not stop thinking until the last moment, which one I would get: Flame Red or Zelda Limited Edition?

On D-Day I got up 2 hours earlier, had shower and breakfast very quickly, and arrived at the store 15 minutes before it opened. I then spent all day to unbox it, to set it up, and to play the first games. By the end of the day I posted lots of pictures of my Red Flame 3DS on Twitter, Facebook and several forums.




My best friend, Aldy, said,


*goes back to Resident Evil 5*

2 thoughts on “Gamer and Proud!

  1. Your friend is right. There is nothing wrong with being true to yourself. Don’t stop. Girls, women, or ladies can love video games too, or anything else for that matter. Be you. Have fun. Live.

    P.S. I love the picture at the top of this post!

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