The (Hopeful) Tale of Football Saga 2, A Football Player Simulation Game to Help Indonesia’s Football Team

Football Saga 2 has just reached the latest huge milestone: Open Beta. It means the Agate Studio‘s online football player simulation game is open for you to play. For FREE. Also, the teaser trailer Garuda Bersatu has just been released. But please, before I explain what this game is all about, allow me to share with you a humble piece of story about my beloved country Indonesia.

Indonesia is a unique archipelago. It has more than 17,000 islands, populated by 230+ million people of hundreds of ethnic groups.

My teacher, a geologist, once said, “We live in heaven, and it comes with the price of hell. Our seas are abundant with fish, but a tsunami may strike us anytime. Our soil is the most fertile on earth, but of course, we sleep on top of active volcanoes every night.” (FYI, I live in Bandung, a beautiful city surrounded by 35 mountains, some of them are active volcanoes that might erupt anytime. If one day you find this blog is no longer updated without any reason whatsoever, oh well… It might just be…)

Another challenge of being an Indonesian roots in the diversity of ethnic groups. Each ethnic group has their own language, culture and social norms. THERE ARE HUNDREDS! Let’s say you speak English only, and you meet a Japanese who doesn’t speak English. How can you two communicate? I once experienced this kind of situation. I am a Java-Dayak girl, living in Indonesia’s west region. Once, in college, I met an Asmat (of Indonesia’s east region) girl. She could not speak our national language, and somehow got herself lost in the college’s vast parking lot. Helping her out was tough. Apparently she was accidentally separated from her cousin. Her cousin was a male. Her cousin was a freshman in my college. Her cousin took her there because in her home-island there was no tall, shiny building. He wanted to give her a once-in-a-lifetime experience of seeing and touching a tall, shiny building. My college was one tall, shiny building. How could I collect these facts? By communicating with her using body gestures and pictures for one frikkin hour! And we are of the same nation!

Yes, being an Indonesian is quite a challenge. We have been using several tools to tackle such social issues: the Indonesian language for communication; the mystical giant bird Garuda Pancasila to keep our nationalism intact; the national anthem Indonesia Raya to lift our spirits up; the Mudik Lebaran tradition that annually compels us to travel home and gather with our families in a celebration of Islam’s Idul Fitri; even football as the most favorite sports from Sabang to Merauke!

Indonesia’s badass mascot, Garuda Pancasila.

However, IMO those alone are not enough. The strongest power source that can keep Indonesians intact actually lies in our Words. Our National Vision. Our National Life Guidance. It is a powerfully magical phrase created by our founding fathers: Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. In English, it means ‘Unity in Diversity.’

Every Indonesian kid who goes to school absolutely knows that phrase. It appears in the books. It appears in the tests. We know. We remember.

Well, until several decades later, as we grow older, we tend to forget… As we grow older, we tend to forget about ‘Unity’ and focus our attention more upon ‘Diversity.’ I guess that is why this country has a very corrupt government as well as volatile political, economical and social situations. I can only hope it is not the first thing that comes up in your mind when you hear about Indonesia. >.<

However, I am really hopeful about my future as an Indonesian.

As I said previously, football is one of our tools to tackle our social issues. Doctors, architects, scholars living in big cities love it. Fishermen living in the beaches love it. Farmers living on mountain slopes love it. The wealthy and the poor alike, we all love it the same. Every time Indonesia’s football team Tim Garuda (=Garuda team) meets their opponents in the stadium, our differences seem to disappear. Everyone shares the same dream: We want to see The Garuda win the game!

The legendary players in Tim Garuda, AFF Cup 2010. Kinda miss them.

Sadly, Tim Garuda is currently facing one bitter truth: They are not the best football team in the world. There were many games Tim Garuda failed to win, including the most excruciating loss to Bahrain in the 2014 World Cup qualification.

I will name no one to blame. No. That would be counter-productive. I just want to remind everyone–ANYONE!–with the power to help Tim Garuda. Please. Remember this:

Bhinneka Tunggal Ika

And afterwards, ask yourself a question: Can you do anything to help our beloved Tim Garuda?

I can. And so can my friends in the Football Saga 2 team.

We have been developing this online football player simulation game because we are inspired by Japan’s football history. The manga Captain Tsubasa has inspired Japanese kids to growing fond into football, and in the end it helps to cultivate Japan’s currently powerful national football team. Here is the proof I quote from Freshmame:

10 years before the J.League was formed, Captain Tsubasa, also known as Kyapu-tsuba, is believed to have started helping soccer take root in Japanese society, inspiring star players such as former Japan national team captain Hidetoshi Nakata and Shunsuke Nakamura, who recently led his Scottish League club Celtic to its second straight league title.

We have invested our talents, passion and thousands of hours to design Football Saga 2 so that everyone everywhere can have a fun interactive digital medium to simulate:

What kind of Training to practice if they want to be a Midfielder?

What is League? What is Club?

How can they compete and cooperate to win the League?

And finally, the most important question of all…

How can these questions lead to one final goal we expect to gain:


Do you want it too?

Here are some ideas for you to help Tim Garuda:

If you can Like and Share this post, thank you very much.

If you want to donate some money or to help us find mutual sponsorship to keep this game forever free, deeply thank you.

If you feel like only tweeting about this post, there is #GarudaBersatu hashtag on Twitter. Just jump in and you might win special Football Saga 2 swags.

If you want to play the game, just go to To discuss the game, football, or how we can work together to help The Garuda, join me and the other Legends (= Football Saga fans) in forum and Facebook page.

If you know someone in PSSI (Persatuan Sepakbola Seluruh Indonesia) who can sit down with us to discuss how we can help–with Football Saga 2 as our medium, feel free to shout, “Howdy, Dian!”

Just do whatever positive support you can think of, so that we can successfully emulate The Tale of Captain Tsubasa & Japanese Football in Indonesia. And please keep remembering this:

Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. Unity in Diversity.

Garuda Bersatu!

2 thoughts on “The (Hopeful) Tale of Football Saga 2, A Football Player Simulation Game to Help Indonesia’s Football Team

  1. wah mbak dianara nonton game of throne juga ternyata.. request donk logonya yogya canine diganti logo house of stark haha

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