Have Fun Go Mad with #Ionopolis Comic Maker


Ionopolis, a social media integrated HTML5 game developed by Magnivate, has come to its next, really-close-to-final stage: Comic Maker.

On this stage 100 semifinalists are competing against each other to win the free trip to Japan. They have to create comic strips depicting various stories about dehydration and how to beat it. No need to be a Da Vinci to create one, templates are provided anyway. All they have to do is taking pics and then uploading each of it accordingly to each appropriate panel. Oh, having fun going mad is a must.



I once thought, as a brand-attached game, Ionopolis would totally promote the brand without any care towards quality. I was mistaken, sorry. It has in fact selected 100 best candidates out of those who had previously been interviewed. No one else possibly joins the Comic Maker stage although they can play Ionopolis and beat those damned dehydration monsters the usual ways.


If you’re not among the chosen 100, you can participate by voting your favorite comics and winning Gramedia vouchers. Your vote matters much to the semifinalists, as it takes 30% votes, 30% storyline and 40% creativity to win the grand prize.

Me? Oh, I didn’t submit for the interview. I’m not a comic artist, and I can always go to Japan on my own someday anyway. But hey, I’m quite addicted to this game. AND I WON’T STOP PLAYING IT UNTIL I TOTALLY BEAT IONOGAME! *GRMBL*

Btw, I may not be around all the time. Follow @pocariID and join Ionopolis’ Facebook page to get the latest updates.

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