Tron: Legacy Soundtrack Easter Eggs


Are you a Daft Punk hardcore fan? Do you feel the same as I do, willing to do anything (including fucking Santa Clause) to have the upcoming ultranerdgasmic movie Tron: Legacy released ASAP?

Here’s a good news for you.

On there’s a new musical score for Tron: Legacy (by Daft Punk of course!) you can listen to.

Here’s how to unlock it:
1. Go to
2. Click the Tron: Legacy logo, you’ll see a huge highlighted box with few smaller boxes inside
3. Ignore those boxes, click the outer side (dark spaces) of the huge highlighted box, type derezzed
4. Enjoy the new music!

Also, there’s a surprise on the site’s source page. You know how to view source page, rite?

If you don’t, oh well, here’s how:
1. Right click (anywhere) on the page
2. Choose view the page source
3. Enjoy the kewlness inside!

Psssttt, here’s the 3rd Tron: Legacy soundtrack easter egg I’m pretty sure hard to find everywhere else. To get it follow me on Twitter (@heyDian), I’ll DM you something REALLY GOOD. Of course, you might need to prove that you’re a Daft Punk hardcore fan, or that Tron: Legacy is on the top of your MUST-SEE movies.

Also, mark these on your calendar!
Tron: Legacy is released Dec 17, 2010.
Tron: Legacy soundtrack is released Nov 22, 2010.

If you click these words (for the 1st easter egg):
father, music, daft, missing, mcp, user, light, encom, yori, flynn, game, techno
something might happen. WHEEEEE…
Try paranoids and hello, too. Thanks, Rocco!
Too bad I can’t find any with up-up-down-down-left-rite-left-rite-B-A-enter. LOL.

Do me a favor, if you find another word we can type onto the page, leave it on the comment. And if you’re on Twitter, I’ll tweet you.

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