It’s Been One Year…


… since I left everything in Surabaya for a new life in Bandung. I left my hometown, my family, my friends, my emptiness and sorrow in a pursuit of happiness.

Well, it’s been one year. What have I got?


I’ve been learning about freelance work. A top notch Indonesian freelancer has taught me, and he’s opened my eyes to the highs and the lows of freelancing.

I’ve succeeded in several projects and failed in others. I’ve satisfied with several clients and disappointing others. Each of them has taught me how to grow better, both personally and professionally.

I’ve made some new friends. This time for real. I love them as they love me.

I went through two romantic relationships. Both failed, but they taught me about myself that I hadn’t previously been aware of.

I’ve been engaging with several local creative communities, including the #bahasaku (a campaign to motivate Indonesian tweeps to tweet in Indonesian language) I initiated with my best friend @alderina and the #klukuban (a club in Bandung for those who love to write and read books) I’ve founded with @NitaSellya and @ratrichibi.

But the ultimate question would be: Am I happy?

Not really.

I have no idea where my dreams are.

Above everything else, I’m passionate about writing and gaming. I know I’m dying to get my foot in the door of gaming journalism. I just can’t figure out where the door is.

People say, “Shoot for the stars.” I actually wanna go for IGN or 1up. Why? Because local gaming medias get their news from those sites. I don’t wanna spend the rest of my life translating gaming news. I wanna be the one who actually gets the press releases and informs the world immediately.

Wouldn’t it be too high to dream about?

That very question may pop up because of my fears. That’s why I’ve been practicing Parkour. It helps me deal with some fears that have been haunting me for years.

Learning Japanese is on top of my priorities now. Hope it helps me find that damn ‘door.’

I also need to improve the stability of my finance. It’s been too tough, living alone in a new city without family and savings, while freelance work offers so many insecurities.

Simply put, I can’t screw around any longer. Focusing on the dreams is a must!

One thing I keep telling myself every morning: Life is the best RPG ever created. Yeah I haven’t found the ultimate weapon to fight the final boss. I haven’t even found the dungeon where it’s kept hidden. However…

Pretty sure I’ve been power-leveling. I’ll just keep walking, keep looking and keep trying to find clues to solve the confusing puzzles.

And somehow, deep inside the heart, I know there’s one person out there who can really understand me and accept me the way I am. He’ll join the party, with which I will get all strength to complete this adventurous journey.

2nd round of the new life, I’m ready. Bring it on. *clicking X*

2 thoughts on “It’s Been One Year…

  1. Mbak Dian memang motivator andal hehehe: dulu ada tagline ” Life is Bitch but still Beautiful” sekarang “Life is the Best RPG ever created” keren-keren

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