Harnessing the Power of Twitter Text


There are countless Twitter clients and Twitter third apps. Many articles on the internet have mentioned them all. Ironically, the one being overlooked for so long has been Twitter Text, which in fact is the original way to send tweets.

You May Need Twitter Text Big Time

As long as you are:
1. A freelancer about to have a holiday
2. Having a long distance relationship, just like me
3. A non-smart phone owner, also just like me, LOL!
4. None of all above, but (shit happens!) the internet connection is so terrible or the electricity is cut off while you are on the go

Okay, Now What?

Activate Twitter Text for your phone, silly.
First, check if your phone carrier supports Twitter Text.

You cool?

Okay. Second, login to Twitter. Go to the Mobile section on Settings page. You’ll see this setup panel:
Choose your country, enter your phone number, click Start.

You should now receive a verification text sent to your phone. Follow the next instructions coming from the carrier. When you’re done, you should see this:

What You Can Do with Twitter Text

Activating Twitter Text allows you to:

Send Tweets or Replies

Command: none

I come, I see, I tweet.

It’ll appear on your time line just like this:
Mind you that if you put any Twitter handle before the line, i.e. @kickasstweep, it’ll appear as a reply for him/her. BUT you won’t see any traceable reply as the one you have using the web or a Twitter client.
See? No “in reply to…” found in that tweet.

Send DMs

Command: D

D @kickasstweep Hi, I miss you.

It’ll go straight to @kickasstweep’s DM box.

Receive DMs

All DMs from every tweep you follow (and follow you back, because DMs can’t be sent without mutual following, remember?) will be sent to your phone as texts/SMS’s. Yes, ALL of them, including the ones whose notifications you don’t activate.

Receive Tweets from ‘Chosen’ Tweeps

If you activate the notification for a certain tweep, i.e. @yourdamnboss, all of his/her tweets (except replies to others whose notifications aren’t activated) will be sent to your phone as SMS’s.

If you have 2 or more tweeps’ notifications activated, when they reply to each other, those mentions are also sent to your phone as SMS’s. Even if you aren’t mentioned in those tweets! *I kinda hate this one, but hey, I can’t get everything I want in life…

You can activate and inactivate a certain tweep’s text notification. Just go to his/her Twitter profile page and click the phone icon under his/her name.

Activated: GREEN

Inactivated: WHITE (or grey?)

Turn On/Off Notifications

Second, better way to activate a certain tweep’s text notification is texting directly from your phone.
Command: ON

ON @yourdamnboss

You can, too, inactivate it.
Command: OFF/LEAVE

OFF @yourdamnboss
LEAVE @yourdamnboss


You used to have to go to a certain tweep’s profile page to follow or unfollow him/her. But now you can do it directly from your phone, too.
Command: FOLLOW

FOLLOW @kickasstweep

Following a new tweep (you haven’t followed before) via Twitter Text allows you to directly receive his/her tweets as texts.

What about unfollowing?

Negative. You need to go to his/her Twitter profile page to do that.

Receive Latest Tweet

Command: GET

GET @mesomelove

His/her LATEST tweet will be sent to your phone as an SMS. You can do this to ANY tweep, not necessarily the ones whose notifications you’ve activated.

RT (ReTweet) Latest Tweet

Command: RT

RT @kickasstweep

You’ll send a retweet of his/her LATEST tweet directly from your phone. You can do this to ANY tweep, not necessarily the ones whose notifications you’ve activated.

Favorite Latest Tweet

Command: FAV

FAV @awesumthreesum

His/her LATEST tweet will then be starred. As your favorite. You can do this to ANY tweep, not necessarily the ones whose notifications you’ve activated.

But The Notification Sounds ARE Annoying!

Of course they are! What’s the point of being notified via text if you have smartphones? No point, too, if you have a laptop, electricity and a real good connection. Think of it as an ’emergency kit.’ Only when you need it.

After all, you can set the timer to define when you want to have these tweets sent to your phones. Do it from the Mobile section on Settings page.
Oh, make sure your Twitter time zone is correctly set.


Twitter Text applies only for 1 mobile number per 1 Twitter handle. You can’t have 1 number for multiple handles, nor multiple numbers for 1 handle. Get over it. Or get a smartphone.

Also, Twitter sometimes sucks. On really rare occasions, your currently sent text tweets might appear on time line a couple of hours later. Only God and that stupid fatty whale know why…

Extra Hint: For LDR Couples

I used this feature of Twitter to communicate with my ex who lived in South Florida, US. We activated each other’s notification and saw how each other goes day by day from the tweets.

DMs are also awesome. I used an Indonesian carrier Telkomsel and spent only IDR 7,500 a week, while he used a US carrier T-Mobile and spent none.

Extra Hint: For Indonesian Freelancers About to Have ‘Mudik’ Holiday

You can ask your clients and all project team members to activate each other’s notification. On your long way home, just in case, if you lose both internet connection and electricity, you can keep communicating via texts.

Since you’ll need lotsa traffic updates and ‘mudik’ tips, I highly recommend you to activate notifications from @infoll @lagimakan @ayosehat and @pulkam.

Have fun go mad, y’all! ┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ

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