Plinky Storms Your Brain with Questions


I’d bring my iPod Nano 5G with me. But wait, is there electricity in afterlife?

Confused by that line above (and the pic)? You should. That is my answer upon a question prompt provided by Plinky, and I just auto-published it to this blog.

The question to that answer was:
They say you can’t take it with you. If you could, what’s one thing you’d bring?

But I bet a better question is swirling in your head rite now: What is Plinky?

Plinky is Automattic’s new service (thanks @valentmustamin!) where you can find prompts. It’s basically questions (and sometimes challenges) you optionally choose to answer. It can be a starting point for your writing, especially when you’re stuck into the dreadful writer’s block.

The prompt database is updated daily so you’ll find a fresh question or challenge if you visit it every day. But even today, with more than 400 questions, I think you can give it a go instantly.

Plinky also embraces the social networking concept. You can follow other Plinkers (this is a term I just came up with, not officially confirmed by Plinky, LOL), vice versa. You can comment on other Plinkers’ answers, vice versa. You can even favorite them, vice versa.

Plinky features integration with several blog platforms, including WordPress (hence this post) and social networking sites as Twitter and Facebook.

I don’t find auto-publishing a Plinky answer to this blog amusing. In fact, I had to edit it after, modifying its title and attaching the question so my readers wouldn’t end up here with some confusion. Worst of all, this post’s excerpt was at first blank that my mail subscribers would have received a not-so-beautiful excerpt; this point needs a bit further research tho.

However, Plinky is useful in idea brainstorming. Some of the prompts are indeed interesting. So I encourage you to use it as a starting point of your writing. Just answer any question you like, write a post based on your answer, and then publish it manually.

How to Join Plinky
1. Go to Plinky site.
2. Sign up. You need to provide username, password, e-mail address, birth date, first and last names, short bio (there are several default questions to give you ideas on what to write) and picture. Click Next.
3. (Optional) Find your friends. Provide your e-mail address and password to let Plinky import your contact addresses.

How to Integrate Plinky into Your Blog
1. Go to Settings > Service.
2. Select one of services available: Blogger, LiveJournal, Tumblr, TypePad,,, Xanga
3. Provide username and password you’ve been using to create your blog. As for Blogger, just click Add Service, you have more privilege, they won’t ask for your username and password.
4. Click Add Service.
*note* Apparently 1 Plinky account can be integrated with several blog accounts. Redo the process all over again to add some more. (thanks, Joy Victory!)

How to Answer a Question in Plinky
1. Go to Prompts or Plinky Home.
2. Find your preferred question to answer. Click Answer. You’ll see a blank box to write the answer. Within some questions you’ll find optional image upload, straight from Flickr or your own PC. A “difficult” question or challenge might also come with a bit hint, it might be a how-to article published in WikiHow.
3. After answering the question, you’ll have the options to publish it entirely to your blog, or tweet the link, or update your Facebook status with the link, or copy the embed code to your blog (haven’t tried this one, might try later), or even e-mail it to your friends.


You can edit or delete your answers at any time, so just get going. Move your lazy ass off that couch and start writing. With Plinky there’s no more excuse for not writing, eh? Now write!

4 thoughts on “Plinky Storms Your Brain with Questions

    • Thank you for stopping by. Flattered that a WordPress editor actually came and commented to my humble blog. 🙂

      Turns out you’re rite. I can add another WordPress blog after clicking Add Service (by redoing the process all over again). When I first saw the options and checked the box (next to my blog name), I thought it was one-click option and so I couldn’t pick both of my blogs. Maybe different story would come up if I could multi-check…

      Thank you for your correction, Joy. Post has just been updated. 🙂

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