How to Turn iPod Nano 5G to an Awesome e-Book Reader


Gosh, I feel stupid writing this one. But this blog is supposed to be my personal journal. And let’s face it, for a not-so-tech-savvy girl as I am, converting my iPod Nano 5G into an e-book reader is quite an achievement. Gimme a break, will ya?

So, I’ve had this lovely iPod since December 2009. It’s the first I’ve ever had among Apple products I’ve always found fascinating. If money weren’t the issue, I’d surely buy them all, LOL!

Having such a powerful gadget without realizing its true power… sucks. Just think about it! For the whole 6 months! And today I just found out how to turn my iPod Nano 5G to an e-book reader. An awesome one!

Now, how did I do it?

1. Download and install the PDF-to-text converter. I’ve tried some freewares but it’s so hard to find the one able to convert without losing the original format (oh, my poor laptop!). So I highly recommend PDF Ripper. Its free trial lasts for 15 days, so make sure you convert as many PDF as you can before it ends, LOL.

2. Open PDF Ripper, convert your preferred e-book (in PDF) to RTF. I tried to convert it to TXT but its format was totally ruined.

3. You’ll be asked, “Do you want to view the result?” Hell yeah! When it’s opened in MS Word, click Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C.

4. Open Notepad. Click Ctrl+V (Yes, people! It’s a damn simple copy paste, LOL). Save.

5. Go to eBookHood. You’ll have to register for free.

6. Upload the TXT file. Click Convert Document. And wait.

7. Click Download as iPod Notes.

8. Unzip the folder. Rename the unzipped folder to your preference.

9. Copy it to the Notes section of iPod’s drive.

10. on iPod: You’ll find it on Extra > Notes > [title]. To skip to next/previous page, click Rew/FF button.

That’s it. I can now read an e-book on the go, even while listening to music. Cool.

And now will you excuse me…

All day long making love with Shadow of Gods on Nobody’s Graveyard, for I’m Coraline wannabe. PERFECT SUNDAY!

*Note that filling your iPod with too many long e-books might cause the Notes folder slower to load. I tried to put in 7 e-books by Stephen King and Neil Gaiman, it took about 5 mins accessing the Notes. Ooops…

Update: August 30, 2012

I no longer owns this iPod Nano 5G. I sold it for an iPod touch 5G. If you ask questions about technical troubleshooting, I might not be able to help you because my friends do not own any. Sorry.

34 thoughts on “How to Turn iPod Nano 5G to an Awesome e-Book Reader

  1. umm, I’ve noticed that when I’m reading the e-book on my ipod, the quotation marks don’t show up, when somebody’s talking… that’s really annoying… it doesn’t show on any txt. file… does that happen to u when u’re reading e-book on ur ipod???
    PLZZ reply!!!

    • Yes, the problem would be in the PDF converter (step 2). When I first converted it to TXT, it all ruined, including the missing apostrophe mark. That’s why I converted it to RTF (MS Word format), not into TXT directly. This way I had only spaces ruined (some lines have longer spaces between words), but that would be less irritating than the missing apostrophe. *I feel you…

      I’m sorry, until there’s a better PDF converter, this is the best I can get.

  2. i had been looking for this for a three days, thank you so much, i too love the apple products and recently, in true this year(2011) i have my first product too, i mean i have the same problem … the money, and i have been trying everything to see books in the ipod nano 5g and i really hope that your advise works, only i have a question, it works for pictures, i mean, my pdf was made with pictures taken from books, and it shows text and images… can you see the images from your books? , by the moment ill try it and thanks thanks thanks and if you know other way to take advantage of this ipod i´d like to see the post,,,
    pd sorry for my english in the real life i speak spanish so i hope that you understand my question, and if you like you can teach me about ipod and i can teach you spanish or only speak about life or only. please reply my question
    saludos desde colombia y gracias
    thanks ximena

    • Your 1st Apple? I gotta congratulate you then. And to welcome you to the Dark Side, as now you’re on the path to the Apple fanboy universe. LOL!

      About your question, I’m sorry, the answer is NO. This trick basically divides a long PDF into several text notes. So if there are pictures or images inside your PDF, I’m afraid you won’t be able to view them on your iPod.

      Gracias por su visita, Ximena. Good luck!

  3. Nice method, really. Just 1 teeny problem. Seems i’m more stupid than you, as this seems way too long to me. 10 steps, really !! I ask, is there a shortcut to this??

  4. Hello, can I ask. Where do you usually find your ebooks? I am looking for a book, but I can’t find it.


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