Pocoyize Yourself for World Cup 2010


Despite the series is targeted to pre-school kids, while I’m at my 20s, Pocoyo is simply lovable. The cutest cartoon character with cutest friends. Especially the silly duck Pato!

Now, 3 days before World Cup 2010 kickoff, Zinkia Entertainment and Pocoyo are showing their support to the biggest soccer event by releasing Pocoyizate.

Pocoyizate is avatar-building application. You can on your own, for free, build a unique Pocoyo-style avatar. 32 shirts of national teams for the World Cup 2010 are available. Show your support for preferred national team by pocoyizing your avatar!

Go to Pocoyizate site. If you find it in Spanish, click English button on bottom left of the page.

Click pocoyize. Choose whichever you want among great selections of eye, eyebrow, facial hair, skin color, lips, clothes and accessories.

Mind you that the coolest part here is the shirt. Although you can choose an ordinary shirt, I think it’s best to choose one of the 32 World Cup 2010 national teams. After all, World Cup only comes once a year.

Look at my cool avatar. Go Three Lions! Hohoho…


Oh yeah, after building the avatar accordingly to your preference, save the image. You may need to modify the file extension with .jpg. Share it with your Facebook friends, use it as Gravatar, Twitter avatar, or anywhere else on the web.

The same application is available for iPhone as well, but it’s gonna cost you $0.99. Download for free this catchy tune, Pocoyo’s official World Cup 2010 theme.

And let’s… KICK THE BALL!

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