How to be Happy

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Happiness will not be found where you are currently looking. Because what you think will make you happy, will not.

Happiness will not come from losing a few pounds, gaining a few dollars, making it big, making it official, perfect bodies, perfect places or new possessions. So stop searching for something that can’t be found. And start learning what you can do to become a happier person!

Researchers have found that your life circumstances are only a small part of your happiness. Because people quickly adapt to positive changes in their life and soon after they’ve gotten what they’ve always wanted, they feel the same as they did before and they start searching for the next new thing in an endless cycle that will never bring true happiness.

To stop the cycle you must understand that happiness will never be found out there because it comes from within. There is no one secret to happiness for everyone, but researchers have found many activities that can help to do. So try some of the following:

Express Gratitude
Tell someone that you appreciate them. Reflect on your blessings. Write a thank you note.

Savor Life’s Joys
Take pleasure in your senses. Celebrate small victories. See beauty in the everyday.

Be Optimistic
Think about past accomplishments. Visualize your best possible future. Identify and replace negative thoughts.

Nurture Social Relationships
Spend more time with friends. Listen. Show more affection.

Increase Flow Experiences
Pursue your passions. Challenge yourself. Absorb yourself in an activity.

Practice religion or spirituality
Join a religious study group. Volunteer at a charity. Meditate. Pray. Reflect.

Take Care of Your Body
Join a gym. Eat well. Unwind. Take up a new sport.

Develop Strategies for Coping
Write about your experiences. Find value in negative events. Talk through it.

So start trying some of these activities today. And soon you will find your happiness.

2 thoughts on “How to be Happy

    • That’s not the point of the message, I guess. -___-;; Even if you have all money on earth, if you’re never grateful for what you currently have, it won’t satisfy you. But if you, say, don’t have money at all (i.e. war victim who just lost all worldly possessions) but you can be grateful for what you have (i.e. can still be with family), happiness can somehow be felt.
      And this example is not hoping that you’re a war victim, sorry. Just hypothetically speaking…

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