#mentionBudi to Show Some Love in Twitter

Today is a good day at office. Connection is quite fast, work is fine, and everyone seems to be able to laugh easily. No wonder #mentionBudi spreads in Twitter well.

What the heck is #mentionBudi?

Well, it was started by this tweet by @ibnutri actually. He asked jokingly to @budi, whether we should purposedly mention him to make him feel better.

@budi is my colleague in iCreativelabs, a great drummer and an astounding web developer. He joined Twitter 3 years ago, that’s why he could get a cool, short username. Do you have any idea how hard it is today to have a preferred Twitter username, without number and weird character involved, that simply conveys your real name? And short. Yes, it’s hard, I know.

Problem is, at least for @budi, in Twitterverse that (user)name may be unique. In Indonesia it’s not. It’s just too generic. As in John and Bob in US, or Smith and Harry in UK. And with the rapid growing Twitter in Indonesia, so many Indonesian tweeps joining now, some people do tweet mentioning @budi, mistaken him for other people with similar names.

Averagely in a day @budi receives at least 3 mistakenly sent mentions.

Yes, poor guy. That’s what we thought. That’s why we’ve actively for several hours now tweeted mentioning @budi with hashtag #mentionBudi. Turns out our followers don’t mind, they find it quite funny. #mentionBudi is now more than 15-page long, half of them are tweeps I hardly know.

Here are several of which we tweet with love to the max for @budi:

via @deelestari
Ini @budi. Ini ibu @budi. Ini bapak @budi. #adaapasihbudibudi? #tapitetepikutan

via @treespotter
Si Budi minta dinunun. #mentionBudi

via @deon
orang sabar pantatnya @budi eh? #mentionBudi

via @tikabanget
Hai @budi . Kalo cari di google, ada 12.700.000 hasil pencarianmu loh.. dan twittermu nongol paling atas.. 😀

via @ifahmi
Find me some @budi to love… Find me Find me some @budi to love… Find me some @budi to love #mentionbudi #nowplaying

via @katarangga
Cewek sebelah sexy bener, pasti sering latihan @budi combat. #mentionbudi

via @iing
hokeh, mari kita bernyanyih! @BUDI!!! (BUDIIIIIIHH!!!) MENJANJIKAAANN KEKAYAAAAANNN #mentionbudi #mentionbangrhoma

via @AgaSalim
I like… big… @budi and I cannot lie…. #mentionbudi

via @babanyakairil
i like to @budi @budi, he likes to @budi @budi, we like to: @BUDI! #mentionbudi #@budi gascar

via @pinot
“I tawt I tawt a @budi tat” #mentionbudi

via @pipis
@budi and The Beast #mentionbudi #budifilm

via @ShafiqPontoh
I know what @budi did last summer #mentionbudi

via @fxmario
@budi is friend.. Not food.. #mentionbudi #findingnemo

via @quixotes
How I met your @budi *halah #mentionbudi XD

via @JakartaToday
Si @budi kecil kuyup menggigil, menahan dingin tanpa jas hujan.. (Sore Tugu Pancoran) Ikutan #mentionbudi

via @icreativelabs
siapakah @budi ? seseorang yg jomblo, dan butuh kasih sayang :D, biasanya homoan bareng @deon halah #mentionBudi

Yeah, those tweets seem stupid. But we’ve had fun and laughed. Something we really need in Twitter these days.

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13 thoughts on “#mentionBudi to Show Some Love in Twitter

    • Well, #mentionBudi is not meant to seek popularity or sumthin’ like that. But it’d be nice to see @budi and the rest of us in Twiterus, wouldn’t it? XD

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