The Power of Now to Deal with the Past for the Brighter Future


I just finished The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle. And I must say, it may just be the book that changes the course of my entire life.

I’ve been a troubled girl since like… well, since I was born. LOL. Won’t go into details. All I can say is that I’m screwed.

But it’s cool. I don’t wanna blame any one from the past. I have my own path to a better future, sure. Nevertheless, most of the time I feel lonely, fucked up, wasted, with no idea what to do next. All those, according to Tolle, are caused by my own mind.

I need mind to be functional in daily life: to deal with anything I encounter, to choose between options I’ve got, to handle both good and bad situations of life. It’s actually pretty much what I need my mind for. But too often, my mind works way more than it should. It keeps thinking ’bout the past (regrets, hatred, losses) and the future (doubts, fears). All in vain.

My mind puts so much useless stresses upon me, and I usually do none ’bout it because it feeds my false ego. Without drama, my false ego dies. Dying is the last thing it ever wants, so my mind keeps feeding it with useless thoughts. Call it “chatter box in the head” if you like. Have you realized that the chatter box often gives you headache rather than effective solutions to problems?

Using the power of Now means I’m consciously staying present. No thought ’bout the past, no thought ’bout the future. And by present it means really present. A second ago was already gone. Five minutes later isn’t here yet.

Right here right at this moment. That’s the power of Now. If I can do it, sticking my ass right to this moment, my problem doesn’t dissolve automatically. But I’m having inner peace. And with the power of inner peace I can think effectively, finding the right solutions to my problems.

Cool, huh?

Yeah. Reading is one thing, practising is another. LOL.

Tolle explains, dealing with annoying, destructive mind is the only way to stay present. Whenever negative thoughts emerge, I gotta watch them. Without trying to block nor ignore them, I just watch them in complete silent. Like a mom watching her son play with dirt. Watching without judging. And accepting that it’s the destructive mind trying to feed my false ego’s needs of dramas.

I’ve been trying to do the trick several days now. It doesn’t work all the time, but when sometimes I successfully accept my destructive mind, I’m at peace.

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment quotes some wisdom from religions, mostly Buddha. Funnily enuff, it helps me understand Christian and Islam better, much better than my previous understanding.

I won’t go into details on religion part, don’t wanna litter my blog with religion babbling. You should read the book yourself, you’ll know what I mean.

May the force of Now be with me. And with you.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Now to Deal with the Past for the Brighter Future

    • It is a great book. And google CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) if you’d like. You’ll see that The Power of Now isn’t just a religious meditation book, it syncs well with psychiatry, too.

      Thanks for coming by. May the force of Now be with you.

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