Mario, Will You Marry Me?


In about 12 hours or so, you’ll find Super Mario Galaxy 2 on retailers’ shelves.

A Wii exclusive with so many perfect-scored reviews, Super Mario Galaxy 2 makes me tremble in excitement. The legendary plumber has grabbed attention from all round the globe for 29 years now, and the love for him never fades out.

Created by Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario is currently Nintendo’s mascot. But I think he’s more than just a mascot. He’s super coolest guy ever! And here are some reasons.

Mario is Super Knight
Yeah, I know, every superhero story begins with a quest. To save some buttheads. In Mario case, that’d be Princess Peach. Who the heck is more stupid than her that Bowser has been able to kidnap her over and over again?! Yet, Mario is willing to save her. Over and over again. He’s just a fine gentleman.

Mario is Super Rich
I love tasty things in life: nice food, nice cars, nice gadgets, major consoles. Having himself appear in more than 200 game titles, with more than 210 million units sold worldwide, Nintendo should’ve paid him really well.

Mario is Super Famous
Here’s a simple test to prove my theory. Ask anyone in town who might not have played any video game in his life these questions. Do you know Alan Wake? Do you know John Marston? Do you know Mario the plumber?
Every gamer will answer, “Yes!” to the three questions, but non-gamer might nod without hesitation only to the third. Yes, he’s super famous!

Mario is Super Lovable
Everyone is supposed to be a fanboy or a fangirl of something. It’s human nature. And while one is loving something, another will just love something else in the opposite side. You may love Justin Bieber, while I hate him to the core. I may love PlayStation 3, while Xbox 360 fanboys wanna spit on me. But Mario? Mario? You may not love him, but you can’t hate him either. We just can’t. Heck, even Chuck Norris loves to be him!

Mario is Super Smart
Every girl dreams of a real smart guy with sensitive heart. Well, Mario has all those qualities. He can race. He can solve puzzles. He can play roles. He can fight. He does sports. He can be anything you’ll ever want from a dreamy guy. And he saves the stupid princess, what’s not sensitive ’bout it, eh?

If only Mario were a real-living guy, I’d have definitely asked him, “Mario, will you marry me?”

4 thoughts on “Mario, Will You Marry Me?

  1. “Do you know Alan Wake? Do you know John Marston?”

    Uhm… No..

    “Do you know Mario the plumber?”

    Are you kidding me? I was born in 80’s, raised in 90’s, and enter puberty in 00’s, of course I know Mario and his brother… Oscar Luigi.

    • @bybyq:
      LOL. Actually Alan Wake and John Marston are “younger” than Mario, the first is chara from Alan Wake while the second is from Red Dead Redemption. Both are so famous now, considering the games were released few days ago. But I see that you’ve got my point.

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